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February 2, 2021 10:12 PM

In progress

Rubik's Cube

The first day that I had picked up a Rubik's Cube last year, I played with it so much that I joked to my coworker "I feel like I'm going to get carpal tunnel if I keep this up."

No joke, I really think I'm getting carpal tunnel now. My fingers have been feeling a little numb. So I cut back on that.


A few years ago, my aunt, seemingly out of the blue said "We should do the Broad Street Run!" and I responded "Okay! Let's do it!" The Broad Street Run is 10 miles. I have never run 10 miles straight in my life.

I was running a lot before the pandemic hit. I was able to do 5 mile runs without feeling tired at all, but my feet were hurting a lot, and I couldn't even walk around barefoot without it being uncomfortable.

Well, gotta get back to that. Right now, I think I can run maybe a mile and a half.

Programming Pearls

Back when I was a senior in college, on the last day of my co-op program, my mentor had gifted me a copy of Programming Pearls and told me it was the most helpful book for preparing for interviews.

6 years later, and I still hadn't read the book. But that's changing. I am reading this whole book and doing every single exercise I can possibly do. I'm only on Column 2 of 15. It's probably going to take me a few years.

Tech Projects

I have so many things I want to do with this site, with my food blog, and even with my Teochew site that I've neglected for the past year and a half.

I don't know how I have the time to work on all my goals/side projects, have a full-time job, keep up with chores and "adult things", maintain a decent social life, and get enough sleep. But I guess this isn't a bad problem to have.