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May 16, 2021 12:26 PM

Ascii art

I first learned about ascii art back in the days of AIM when I would talk to SmarterChild. My middle school self thought that this chatbot was so cool. Obviously it was programmed to just talk to you, but it also had some other fun content like facts and games. It had a section filled with ascii art, and I spent one day just looking through every single piece of art it had.

After that, I went googling around to look for other ascii art, and I stumbled upon a really cute story which is something that I still consider one of my absolute favorite pages on the internet. Unfortunately it doesn't exist anymore, and it took me a while to even find that link. Thank goodness for the internet archive.

I was so inspired by "Fixed Width Days" that I wanted to create my own ascii art. I had created a site on GeoCities where I would put all the ascii art I typed up. Unfortunately, that doesn't exist anymore either, and it was taken down at a time in a my life where I guess I had other distractions, so I didn't save anything D: One of these days I'd like to present my own ascii art story.

_ _ .-~-. .-~-. ( `v' ) .-~-. .-~-. `-...-' `-...-' `. .' `-...-' `-...-' " Because I have to put some amount of ascii art in a post about ascii art

Until then, I'll keep making little pieces of ascii art here and there. I don't know anything about art, but there's just something I find so satisfying about using text to form pictures. I feel the same way about websites that look like they haven't been updated since the 90s. I've always wanted my own space on the internet that captured this feeling (while still somehow being mobile-friendly, because I guess that's important :P) and I think I've finally been able to do that with this personal site.