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May 30, 2021 7:59 AM

Fixing more of my ascii art

Back when I was coloring ascii art by hand, I hit this weird bug that happened when I turned my phone sideways. Well, it's been a while since I turned my phone sideways and I did it again, and noticed more weirdness. I had a few ascii art images that were slightly off on the first row, which didn't seem too bad, but then I saw this monstrosity.

Then I asked my sister to look at the pages on her phone (flipped) and...they looked perfectly fine. Hmm. I guess if my site is only-broken-on-my-device that's better than only-guaranteed-to-work-on-my-device.

Anyway, I analyzed the code, and I realized that this was an issue:

<span class="gray"> </span><span class="lightgold">,*

No, it's not the fact that that second <span> isn't closed. I did that on the next line. It's the first <span> that has nothing but whitespace in it. I don't know, my phone had issues with that. This is just a side effect of how my color-rizer tool works, and maybe I'll fix it one day. Maybe. For now I just modified the html directly. As of now, I've fixed it on the ascii art pages, but not in the individual blog posts. But maybe later.