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July 6, 2022 8:16 PM

COVID, part 3

It is Day 5. According to the CDC, tomorrow is when I can finally stop isolating. I took another rapid test today, and I definitely still have COVID.

Is it a really faint line?

No, it's just a line.

My symptoms seem to be getting better. Throat is a lot less sore. I slept last night without the use of Mucinex or Sudafed and I only woke up once or twice. I can breathe at night.

I've been trying to work this week, which doesn't really feel great. It seems like after a few hours my head feels weird and I just want to take a break. I hope this gets better next week.

Yesterday during dinner I was feeling kind of lonely so I gave my sister a call and we video chatted. It was good. I miss eating with people. I've been playing Stardew Valley with my free time, and it's nice and relaxing.

Dan brought me some ice cream and sorbet in the middle of my workday, and it was the absolute highlight of my day. It felt incredibly good to taste the frozen dessert in my mouth.