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September 16, 2018 11:11 AM

Mid Year Resolutions: Part 3

These are more "fun" resolutions than ones that will really gain me any valuable skill in life. But hey, if I spend time doing these things over browsing Facebook or Reddit, it's probably a good thing.

Get better at DDR

Yesterday I made a $65 purchase which allows me to play as much DDR as I want for three whole months. It sounds a little ridiculous, but one of my pipe dreams in life is to own my own DDR machine, as well as other arcade games. I've been playing DDR since middle school, and I can pass pretty much anything on the hardest level except those stupid fast songs. What I'm not very good at is playing Double, so I've been hitting up the arcade to try and get better at that.

2021 Update: I can pass what?! I must have been thinking about a really old DDR game. Maybe I was just thinking about the songs on the DDR cab that Victory Pointe had. I did say "pass" and nothing about how well I did. I distinctly remember getting C's on everything when I first started going there. But with current DDR? There are a lot of songs I cannot pass.

I'm also playing more Pump it Up. I first tried this game out when I was in Cambodia last year, and I don't know why I haven't been playing it more often. The local Dave 'n Buster's has a machine, and it's about $1 for three songs (or $0.50 on Wednesdays!). Plus random people like to try the game out and then quit after their first song, so I try to mooch off of them :P

Beat Stardew Valley

I'm really slow at video games. If a game normally takes someone a week to finish, it probably takes me 6 months. I started playing Stardew Valley some time last year, and I've found it a lot of fun. But I only just finished the Community Center which is one of the main goals of the game. This is a farming game like Harvest Moon, and I know you can't really "beat" the game, but I'm trying to actually play through all of the features that exist. My polished farm still only covers less than a quarter of the area available. Once I'm done with playing the main game, I want to check out the mods people have made and see if I can make one of my own.