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June 11, 2015 12:00 AM

I need more blog posts

So I'm trying to add a landing page to this blog that will show the most recent entries. I decided that six was a good number. It will also have previous and next buttons to go to the previous and next page of blog entries. Except right now I only have two entries, so it won't really matter.

I went to the dentist on my own for the first time ever. The dentists were very friendly, and they didn't just gossip with each other while looking at my teeth. Of course I had a cavity. I also had to get another cavity re-filled because my previous dentist had done a terrible job. Even though my whole face felt numb, once the dentist started drilling I thought "Oh my god, this is painful." But hey, free toothbrush, toothpaste, AND lip balm!

Speaking of free dental care products, I went to the Arts festival this past weekend and Sensodyne was there. (So was Xfinity but they were kind of lame) They were giving out free toothpaste! And free toothbrushes! And they even had sinks so you could brush your teeth right there! It was honestly the highlight of my day.