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September 13, 2015 11:43 AM


I've been in a funk lately. I have a good job that pays well and isn't too hard or stressful. Plus I get to basically program all day, and I love programming. But something's missing. I'm feeling unfulfilled. I think I've felt this way since a little before going on a cruise in early August. I just got lazy and bored and started wasting so much time playing silly games on my iPad.

I really really really want to go back to school at some point, but I'm not sure how much time and effort I want to devote to it. Should I go for a master's or a PhD? I guess I need to actually want to do research to get a PhD, but I've never even done research so I don't even know if I would enjoy it or not. And what if my lack of research experience makes it harder for me to get into grad school? I also don't know if I want to go back full-time or part-time. On one hand, I have a good job, and I think quitting would be stupid, but on the other hand, if I go back to school I feel like I would do better if I devoted the majority of my time to it. And where would I even want to apply? I need to talk to someone that actually has experience with these things.

I'm going to try getting back into updating this site more, because it really is something that I'm proud of, even though I'm pretty sure no one is reading this.