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October 17, 2015 2:03 PM | Hide footnote links


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About a month ago I posted that I was in a funk. I was wasting so much of my time and not doing anything about it. Well, now I am pleased to say I am out of my funk and back to being one of the happiest people I know! 1 How did that happen? I think reading Mr. Money Mustache was the big motivational push I needed to start making some changes in my life. Along with that, I also read some other personal finance blogs, like Early Retirement Extreme, The Mad Fientist, and jlcollinsnh.2 It turns out the point of these blogs isn't just to teach you how to be frugal and invest your money. It's about finding the joy in the simple things in life and learning to love what you currently have. It's amazing what the world has to offer on such a small price.3

I'm slowly getting myself to exercise more, cook more, spend time with others more, and sleep earlier. The sleeping too late thing is still a problem, but I'm working on it.4 I also stumbled upon Budget Bytes5 which has some awesome, easy-to-follow recipes. It's actually made me a little excited to cook things each night.

On the technical side of things, I finally was able to add support for viewing issues under multiple tags in my Issue Tracker. It was way more complicated than I expected it to be, but I'm glad I finished it and I think I worked out all the kinks. Lesson learned: remember to explicitly set values to NULL! 6

  1. Man I...really got out of my funk that easily? I must have slipped back into a funk because I don't remember this time of extreme happiness at all. ↩

  2. The urls in my original blog post were all http, not https. Was that how a lot of URLs were like in 2015? That seems so late for that. ↩

  3. I need to remember to mention this when I tell people about early retirement. I think it gives people the wrong impression sometimes. ↩

  4. Lol I'm gonna be working on that forever ↩

  5. Ahhhh what a life changing moment ↩

  6. Better lesson: Don't use C for web development ↩