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August 20, 2012 12:00 AM

So I never forget

My dad was born in Cambodia. He lived in the city. Soon the Khmer Rouge took over, and they had 3 days to evacuate the city. They were in the farmland, and they were all assigned jobs. This lasted for about 5ish years. Soon Vietnam took over, slowly, and the Khmer Rouge was being slowly moved out. Vietnam wanted revenge because Vietnamese wanted to evacuate the Vietnamese Cambodians and the Khmer Rouge killed them as they were crossing the river. It was bloody. So when Vietnam took over, they told the civilians that they were allowed to leave, so they all fled to Thailand, as refugees. Problem is Thailand doesn't really want the Cambodians, so they army was guarding the border and shipping people back to Cambodia whenever they found them. But my dad kept running back and running back. One way ticket. This lasted for about two months, until the Red Cross finally found them and they were brought to the refugee camp in Thailand. Then a month later they came to America.