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November 5, 2012 12:00 AM

50 Things/People I'm Thankful For

... unless I counted wrong. Which wouldn't surprise me.

board games, DDR, weekends, holidays
vacations, the cruise
the internet, google, fbook
cell phones, ipods, microwaves, computers
weekly sales at Giant Eagle, late night half-off food
events with free food, a capella concerts
my full tuition scholarship at Pitt
the coffee machine at work
my apartment, my mom's apartment
the lounger, heat in my apartment
public transportation, my car, stores in walking distance
Eda, Freddie, Kevin, Oyin, Peng, Wendy
my engineering buddies
Chea chea Christy/Moy/E Hour
Chea chea suging
Patrick, Monica, Hea Bucky, Hea John
Aunt Kim, Aunt Suzan, Uncle Phey
all of my little cousins
everyone else in my family

(obviously this list isn't exhaustive)

Can't you tell how ridiculously excited I am for Thanksgiving?