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October 3, 2021 4:22 PM

An apple tree

Whenever my mom visits me, I try to plan meals at tasty Asian restaurants and find scenic places to hike because I know that's what she enjoys.

But man, nothing beats taking her to an apple tree on the side of the road. The way her eyes light up with excitement, stumbling upon apples (un)ripe for the picking. The rush she gets as she's pulling down a branch, grabbing a really good apple that's only just in reach. Her insistence on getting "just a few more" as we try to hold her back from harvesting the whole tree.

_-~~~~-_ ,;" o o ";, "We hit the jackpot!" ( o o o o) (o o o o ) (o o o o o) ',o \\ | | // o,` `.,\\| |//,.' | | | | ..o,,,/ \,,,..

"This one. This one here. Grab that one." "This one here? It's green." "Yeah! We like the little ones!"

Whatever legal troubles I may get into or fines I have to pay for this, it must be worth it.

# ^. | /_/ This apple was kind of pink, and ,.-|/,-~-., kind of green, and I had no idea .':::::::::::'. how to convey that well with my ::::::::::::::; ascii art coloring, and I should \:::::::::::::/ really just stick to line art `.:::::::::.' `~-----~`