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June 11, 2022 3:32 PM


I went into the office this past Thursday. I woke up half an hour earlier than I normally do, put on a dress, made myself coffee, packed my lunch, and walked to the bus stop. I was feeling like such an adult. And then right before I got to the actual stop, a bus flew right past me and I had to wait 15 more minutes until the next one showed up.

As I was sitting on the bus, I was thinking about what I should eat for breakfast because I almost always have breakfast (or else I get the shakes). I really didn't want a granola bar. How did I do this before? I've been eating breakfast regularly for many years, even when I was going to the office more.

...the eggs. Right. I would always microwave eggs for breakfast, but there's no way the admins are keeping the office stocked with eggs now.

So even though I'm trying to save more money and and even though I made my own coffee so I could skip my Starbucks run, I ended up going to Starbucks anyway for a breakfast sandwich. The person struggled to call out my name when my order was ready, so I looked at the label on the bag: "Kerstine". That's a new one.

By the time I got to the office, it was close to two hours since I woke up, and man, I used to do this commuting thing every work day and I know it didn't take this long before.

But, I got to the cafe and I saw my friend, and then two more of my friends showed up, and I remembered why I do this. In spite of the extra hours it takes, I want to keep going into the office, and I'm going to keep nudging my friends to join me.