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July 2, 2022 11:37 AM


Two days ago, I woke up with a sore throat. I took a COVID test, and it was negative. My cousin also took a test and she was positive.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling mostly the same, but a few hours into working, I started losing focus and feeling feverish. I took a COVID test and it was positive. I went upstairs to the guest bedroom and mostly took the rest of the work day off. Dan tested negative so he went to the room next door.

Do you feel bad?

I kinda feel bad in an emotional way

For the next 5 hours, I mostly napped and drank a lot of water and peed every hour. Communication with others is made slightly more annoying because of the fact that I have very terrible signal in this house and even sending a text message to someone ten feet away from me regularly fails. 5 hours in one room and I was already feeling stir-crazy.

At 4pm, Dan texted me

I think this is the point where I'm supposed to nudge you to stop working for the week

And we texted for a little bit. It was nice, even though he was feeling anxious. Shortly after that, my also-COVID-positive cousin started a video chat with me and two other cousins. We laughed about how we're already going crazy from the isolation even though it hasn't even been that long. In the middle of that call, I also got a call from my aunt, and then after that, I got a call from my sister. It doesn't even matter what we're talking about. The interactions were very good and they lifted my spirits.

I don't know what it is, but every single meal I've had while stuck in this room has been absolutely delicious. Porridge with dried pork and Chinese sausage and salty fish. Rice with some ribs and salad. Watermelon. It's awkward because there isn't really a good way for me to eat here. I don't want to eat on the bed because I don't want to accidentally make a mess. If I stand at the dresser I'm awkwardly bending down to take bites. But it doesn't even matter. I always say that food tastes better outside, and somehow I feel like this is similar. The food is SO GOOD to eat, and I am incredibly thankful that I still have my sense of taste.

I had attempted to work on some code for my mobile app last night, but that seemed to make me feel even more feverish, so I quickly stopped. I got on a discord call with some other cousins and they virtually accompanied me during my dinner. It was fun and light hearted and I felt much better. After that, I went on a walk and even though it was dark and I was a bit fatigued, I was very happy to be outside and moving.

I was incredibly tired after the walk, so I showered and brushed my teeth and went straight to bed. I slept well. I think my fever is gone today because I managed to work on some code for this blog, and I felt good about it.

Overall, the physical symptoms really aren't too bad. The feelings of isolation and guilt are much, much stronger. I hate being stuck in a room. I feel bad that my weekend plans got canceled. I feel bad that others in this household have to fetch food and water for me. I feel bad that this is making Dan more anxious.

But I'm okay. Just waiting this out.