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July 9, 2007 4:54 PM

xanga: 181, unfinished

My December is definitely Kelly Clarkson's best album yet.

I was home alone. Scratch that. I was at my "gmas" home alone. The phone. All I was thinking was "ohmygod, ohmygod. whatthehellamigonnado." If I was home, I'd just not pick it up. But it was my grandma's, and they actually use the phone. "Hello?" In my head I'm thinking "pleaseletitnotbearelative, pleaseletitbesometelemarketer" "-chinese words.." "CRAP!" in my head. "howthehelldoyousaybankinchinese?!?! damniitttt, cantmemberhowtosaybank,howdoyousaybank,howdoyousaybank!" "They go"(chinese) "bank"(english) "isso&sohome"(chinese) "who?!?isshetalkinboutthatguydoingthehouse? imsoconfused!" in my head "ughhh" "i don't know"(chinese) "ughh?" "i don't know"(english) "ugh???" "ughh!!"(huh?) "okay, nevermind" "thankgodidonthavetokeeptalking." in my head. Half an hour later RINGRINGRING! Me think, "Shit!!"in my head. "whydidntigotothebathroomthenidhaveanexcuse?!?!"

^^anyways, that's probably extremely confusing to read. but for the gist of it, i hate talking on the phone.

June 28, 2007 2:59 PM

xanga: 180

I think it's time for another entry. Of course after this entry I'm only posting two more entries until the end of summer. I think I'll change the font too.

Staying at a hotel is fun! And I'm here just for the heckofit! If I went into detail it would be way too much detail.

I'm starting to overuse another word: geez!
Except when I say geez, it sounds like I'm saying "cheese!"
I'm also overusing the word: geezus!
But when I say that, it sounds more like "Jesus!"

duuuude. i could totally turn that into a poem.
ps. friend10 created the word GEEZUS.

Guess how many times I burped yesterday? 10!
Guess how many times I burped in the pool today 2 days ago? 12! 29!
Geez. (Cheese.)

We eatingate sub today yesterday

*burp* (13)

Playing fetch with myself in the pool is funnn.

I dunno.. it's just a random hotel in a random place. (Hampton; North Carolina)

Marching Band has been reeeeaaaallllyyyy boring. Well I’m exagerating. (And I think I spelled exagerating wrong.) I won't be there next week! And I wasn't there this week! And I might not be there another week possibly! Ahhhhhh. I brought my flute to play at the hotel but everytime I look at it and go.. maybe tomorrow.

I got my report card! OMG! .. not really.
But yeah, I'm pretty almost completely satisfied with my grades. I'll write what grades I got, and what I deserved to get.. IMO.

Okay, analyzed my grades too much. Geezus. (Jesus.)

September 22, 2006 3:59 PM

xanga: 138


was all i heard.

... and i screamed. and grabbed big bird. and sqeezed it.

what the freaking heck.

September 13, 2006 10:22 PM

xanga: 130

went to sleep with a sore throat

sore throat is worse in morning

fell asleep in last class

got headache after school

head felt really hot

legs feeling funny

band practice felt out of it

after band whole body felt REALLY tired

still have sore throat..



well luckily fever seems to be down.. head doesnt feel hot anymore.

August 28, 2006 1:23 PM

xanga: 123

I have some questions for all you high school marching bandos.
Does band take up a lot of your time?
Why are you in band?
Do you plan to be/Have you been in band for all 4 years?
Do you plan to have music in your future/career?
Is it worth it?

My dad just gave me another lecture on why i should quit band.

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